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    Our vision is to be a leader in design, manufacture, and marketing of miniature key components in 3C industries.

    Viking Tech uses its state-of-the-art Thin-Film/Thick-Film technologies and RF design capabilities to meet the demands for "miniature" and "high frequency" passive components, integrated passive devices - passive IC.

    Viking Tech was established in October 1997 at Hsin-Chu Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan, as the leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of Thin- Film/Thick-Film integrated passive devices - passive IC. Passive ICs offer significant advantages over conventional thick film products in terms of tighter absolute and ration tolerances, greater stability, lower noise, and lower Temperature Coefficient (TC). Furthermore, they offer superior high frequency performance with minimal parasitic inductance and capacitance. Passive ICs also afford the benefits of board space savings, reduced assembly costs and increased reliability with fewer components.

    Currently Viking Tech has more than 100 employees in Taiwan to provide innovative service to our customers.

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