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Core Technology:
    As a technology oriented company, VikingTech is devoted to Thin-Film/Thick-Film process development on various substrates i.e. Si, Ceramic and Glass, to meet different customers' requirements in various applications. With its well-experienced RF design team and backed up by advanced EM simulation software, Viking Tech is capable to design and manufacture RF passive devices and Passive IC-integrated passive devices (IPD).

Product Line:
    Viking Tech has a comprehensive product line that can be categorized into four groups.

1. Discrete Devices: High Precision Resistor, Ultra-low Resistance Chip Resistor,High Frequency Thin-Film Chip Inductor,Multilayer/Wire Wound Chip Inductor,Film Type Chip Capacitor Array and Thin-Film Chip Capacitor.
2. Passive IC-integrated passive devices (IPD): Resistor Network(RN),Resistor/Capacitor Networks(RC), Resistor/Capacitor/Diode Network (RCD).
3. Active/Passive Integrated Module:
4. Foundry Services: [Printer mems process and Head IC]

The Markets We Serve:
    Combined with its state of art Thin-Film/Thick-Film technologies and RF design team, Viking Tech provides advanced passive, passive/active, and RF solutions for the most demanding technical problems in the Internet and Wireless application markets.

》 Notebook PC
》 Portable Electronics
》 Wireless Handsets and Terminals
》 PDA's and other handheld devices
》 Internet Access wired and wireless
》 Printer Cartridge for Ink Jet Printer

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